Photography 101: Composition

One of my main objectives when photographing someone is using the "Rule of Thirds." now most photographers may suggest that everyone uses it, but that's not entirely true. some point and shoot or perhaps take a picture of you and cut off everything but your ear (we'll call that point and shoot too). 

The image that I've provided is a community soccer team after practice. with only 3-5 minutes to spare I was able to closely straighten my edges, pair each and everyone ideally and create enough foreground and background space for the viewer. 

using a wide angle lens (24-70mm) it can be extremely easy and hard. you don't want to capture too much in-frame and you want to capture non to nothing. using DOF you can also assure better quality while shooting. 

using your near focus and far focus you can quickly identify just how much space you can use creating the perfect frame.

if this doesn't teach you anything try out one of my favorite books on photography tips for photographers by, Mark Galer.

Introduction to Photography: A Visual Guide to the Essential Skills of Photography and Lightroom
ISBN-13: 9781138854512