Photographer V. The Cold

The time was 5:13 am and my alarm hadn't gone off yet. There weren't any worries seeing there would be no traffic on this particular day. the reason there was no traffic is because it was 10-18 degrees outside on a Saturday. with the holidays (Christmas) just right around the corner no one could be found in sight. except for those late minute gift buyers.I had no idea how to approach this weather. I love the cold but the cold didn't love me back. even with a thick coat, jeans and a hat my body and including my camera and lenses were frozen. I can hardly move knowing as my body temperature would increase and my face will become an ice tickle from the cool breeze brushing against my face. If you're wondering yes I sweat in 10-degree weather.

The photographs have a cold yet sunny feel. it tells you its early, bright, and yes chilly. The use of blue mid tones and highlights helped me shape my idea. In fig. 1 I show a dark moody scene. that has a sudden touch of loneliness and abandonment. 

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

In Fig 2-4 the use of orange and yellow is used to give the image an energetic and cheerful vibe. Your eyes go straight to Yellow seeing how it's the brightest color to the human eye.


Fig. 2