Personal Thoughts: Exploration w/Architecture Pt:1

Back in 2014, I entered school for photography. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or if I was ever going to do anything precisely. a year later I considered myself a portraiture photographer. nearly half a year had gone by and I picked up a new genre; architectural photography. Like portraiture photography, I enjoyed the satisfaction of not having to use a tripod. I thought carrying a tripod was heavy and useless. for the most part, I got away without using tripods. I pointed towards a direction, framed it and captured some cool shots, but that’s all my work was…cool. I hadn't studied or known any past architectural photographers so I did a little research and it's safe to say that I had gotten better and treated architecture as if it was my own child. I made sure it looked professional and not sloppy, had great lighting and the structure was always interesting. Tilt-shift lens wasn't a must have item either. I started using the two recently. I've learned two things.

1. Architecture is to be carefully approached

2. It's amateurish to believe you can handheld everything 

*There's more to list, but these two I see fit me very well.*

I started taking this architecture class. it's really hard for some of the others. I've been taken it for weeks and love it. it's nothing like the work I normally do., but I've learned to photograph

  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Historical Architecture
  • Commercial Architecture
  • Residential Architecture
  • Interior/Exterior Architecture

I'm being challenge as an architectural photographer and trying my absolute best to improve. 

The DMA is one of my favorite places to go. Last year I spent all my weekends and afternoon lunch breaks enjoying the art, culture, and above all the architecture. When I photographed the DMA I noticed the stone had a yellowish blue tint to them. Most stones are cream white or silverish gray; sort of lifeless, yet beautiful. I did a little color-selection and taken out the old rusted tint. All that was left was the gray and a hint of blue. The architecture new look looks like a tinted BW with glimmer spots all over. While the sunset sits in the sky is filled with a marble-like yellow. 

DMA- Dallas Museum of Art, 2017, Pt 1

The Second image has the same touch to it, but this time I've decided to increase the green in the grass giving it an increase in contrast. It nearly looks like play-doh. uncomfortable to stare at for too long in my opinion.

DMA- Dallas Museum of Art, 2017, Pt 2