This past few week I was on an exploring journey of photographing architectural photography. My Friend (photo buddy) Melissa Adame found these cool bottle tops near a Mexican food mart. It kind of reminded her of when Irving Penn made his assistants go out and find stuff to photograph; trash, gloves, bottles, cigarettes, etc. It was an interesting topic to cover for the both of us. It was something new to me because I've never had the inspiration to make a similar series; me being a portrait and architectural photographer, her being a food and architectural, So these last few days we've put together a small series 10 images each. 

I normally do a lot of black and whites, but I decided I would work in color. There was something missing about the images while B&W. The color was rich, filled with life and death at the same time. The highlights, contrast, shadows, and many aspects of the caps were coated with an invisible layer of gold. With many other assignments to come, I was relieved while doing this one. it was more or less like the saying, "A stitch in time saves nine."

In my final moments of editing, I decided to create two separate copies of selected images. one being crop 1:1 square ratio and the other being 4x5. I thought to see these two images cropped differently would work both ways in my favor. I wanted to see what I missing and what I wasn't missing.