Fine Arts Chamber Players: Bancroft Family Concerts

It's been 6 months every since Fine Arts Chambers started their live concerts. I remember the first show like it was yesterday; Harps In Harmony featuring The quartet players Grace Browning, Cheryl Losey Feder, Emily Levin, and Karen Abrahamson Thomas.

The F.A.C has provided some great performances by some of the most talented musicians I've ever come across. Thier concert, Brahms Trio was a show to remeber. The concert was played by, Filip Fenrych—Violinist, Kevin Haseltine—French Horn, and Zahari Metchkov—Pianist.

From Left—Zahari Metchlkov, Filip Fenrych, & Zahari Metchkov

Today I saw a performance (The Cliburn in Concert) by Claire Huangci—Pianist, Emmanuelle Boisvert—Violinist, Lucas Aleman—Violinist, and Jeff Hood—Celloist. 

Claire Huangci—Pianoist

Claire Huangci—Pianoist

The Original program was changed and instead, Ms. Huangci, the pianist performed Chopins Nocturnes. they were some of her favorites which will be on her third recording Album. 

Huangci performed Sonata K. 443 in D Major, 208 in A Major, 29 in D Major, and 435 in D Major by, Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), and Suite for Two Violins, Cello & Piano (Left Hand), op. 23 by, Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

The performances were gracious and one of a kind. never in my life have I heard Gymnopedie live in concert. It is one of my five most listened pieces from the Classical Era. 

F.A.C has one concert left which is to be played May 13th, 2017. I highly recommend any music lover go out with a family or friend and give it a listen. For more information on the whereabouts of the location please visit their website