Calvin Klein Under A Moonlight

A few years ago I stumbled across a film titled Moonlight, and I gave it a watch and my first thought was “This might be another stereotypical film about black people.” I didn’t expect to enjoy the film, yet I did. I was amazed by the storytelling and the art direction. I did a little research and found out Calvin Klein featured the actors in an AD. I was so amazed by this because I rarely see diversity in CK Ads. I thought to myself “What an amazing film and what an amazing ad being brought together by creative thinkers of today.”

I was so amazed by the film and ad that I decided to emulate the CK ad. I for one am a huge fan of black and white photography, so I did a lot of research on the style CK brings to its consumers and the art direction. I was pleased to have created this beautiful image.

Emulation: Manaliki Wilson/Noah Winston Photography (Left)
Original: Trevante Rhodes/Calvin Klein (Right)

Manaliki Wilson/Noah Winston Photography
Trevante Rhodes/Calvin Klein