Nature Photography: The Great Outdoors, PT1

The weather in Texas this year is chaotic. The temperature drops and rises with unexpected rainy days. One moment it's 90℉ and the next it's 40℉. With all this crazy weather Mother Nature still has time to deliver beautiful days to be outside. This Spring is the perfect kind of chaotic. It's the best chance by far to take a trip with a friend or classmates; in an outdoor nature photography class. The sun is brighter than usual, the wind is breezier than ever, and the skies are filled with giant clouds ranging anywhere from a low Cumulus cloud to an incredible mild-Altocumulus cloud. In the past six weeks of traveling there were exhilarating moments of connecting with the countryside. There were also discouragements too! The first place I visited was Caddo Lake State Park in East Texas. The wetland was massive, spreading over 468 acres of land, which were filled with some of the biggest trees I had ever seen. The smell was different from the city. It was fresh and there was energy roaming the air. The sky was cloudy and light was leaking through the trees like an open film canister. 

Caddo Lake State Park #1

I spent several hours composing still shots from early in the morning till just after noon. The sun touched the tip of nearly everything making it look overly dramatic in texture, form, and lighting. The scenery was beautiful, created by nature with a touch of man.

Caddo Lake State Park #2